Notices and Bulletins!

COUPLES PITCH– January 21st, February 18th, March 18th, April 15th– 5 open spots to add 4 person teams
You are responsible for your own subs if you cannot play. Call Jeremy Grenier at 505-0032 if you are interested 

INTERESTED IN WORKING IN OUR KITCHEN  or waiting tables? Phone  476-8173




It is that time of the year that many of you are in the woods hunting not only in Vermont but across the United States and Canada. We have had a problem in the past getting venison donated to us for our venison feed. If you have been fortunate in getting a deer and have more than you need or want , please consider donating some of it to the club or even allow us the opportunity to purchase some of your venison.

Thank you for thinking about helping your club so we can have another fantastic feed.

The club would like to have your ideas about possible new meals that we could serve! Feel free to contact any of our directors. Your meal could utilize our famous pits


The club directors want it known that ONLY paid tickets can be put down on the tables to reserve a seat. This means absolutely no writing of names on the tablecloth or tipping seats foward in front of a place setting. This will be strictly enforced! Thank you.


Do you know the cost for every newsletter that is returned to the MUTUO because of an incorrect address. With the original mailing this also cost the club an additional .41 cents each. Please advise us of any changes in your address. If you become a snowbird in the future, perhaps you should ask your local post office to hold the newsletter along with all your other mail until you return. Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated. As always you will be able to view events and updates here on the web.

Please notify the Mutuo if you had a change of address. The Mutuo has been receiving many returned newsletters due to incorrect addresses.

Wanted- Bingo workers! Currently there are several members who have worked this activity for many years and now need your help. Please consider donating a couple of hours of your time on a Wednesday night. This helps the club tremendously.